That trickling down you feel…

Even George HW Bush knew that tax cuts for the rich was the worst possible return on economic growth. He called it “Voodoo Economics”. It destroyed our economy in the 80s and, golly geewhilikers, did the same thing in the 2000s. And yet the Republicans are convincing Americans that unless the richest 2% of citizens get to keep the Bush giveaway of our economy then we are in for disaster. Uh, I got news for you: We are in a disaster and you guys caused it.

It’s a robbery, plain and simple. They are robbing you to give to their campaign donors. Keep repeating that until it sinks in. These robbers have engineered the biggest shift of wealth from the middle class to the top 1% in a century. It is recreating the conditions that led to the first Great Depression.


When the rich are taxed our economy grows because they would rather put their earnings back into growing and expanding businesses than pay it in taxes. All economists know this. Don’t let the Richie Rich Party sell you on the myth that someday you will be in the top 1% of income earners. You won’t be, I won’t be, not if we let them push the middle class down.

That trickling down you feel is the GOP pissing on you.